The Maceday Lotus Lakes Association (MLLA) contracted for the first lake quality study just 4 years after the Association was incorporated.  Wallace E. Fusilier, Ph.D. of Water Quality Investigators performed the first water quality study in 1990 (see 1991 reports).  Follow-on studies were performed in 2000 and 2010 (see 1990-2000 reports). 

Restorative Lake Sciences was engaged to perform the 2015 lake quality study (see Maceday and Lotus Lake Study and Management Report 2015).

MLLA has participated in the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP) since 2015 (except 2020 when the CLMP did not have funding). The purpose of the CLMP is to help citizen volunteers monitor indicators of water quality in their lakes and document changes in lake quality.  The latest report (2019) is provided here.  The 2020 report will be available in the winter 2022.  See [link] for more information about the CLMP. 

  • Lake Quality Studies documents to be provided
    • Maceday Lake 1991 Report
    • Lotus Lake 1991 Report
    • Maceday Lake 1990-2010 Report
    • Lotus Lake 1990-2010 Report
    • Maceday and Lotus Lake Study and Management Report 2015
    • Cooperative Lake Management Program (CLMP) Maceday Lake 2019
    • Cooperative Lake Management Program (CLMP) Lotus Lake 2019

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