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Maintaining Our Lakes Quality

Why is our lake environment important?

How do we get these benefits?

What happens when the lake environment gets out of balance?

The Environmental Committee is one of the Maceday Lotus Lakes Association standing committees.  The Committee advises the MLLA Board of Directors on preserving and enhancing the ecological conditions of Maceday and Lotus Lakes. The Committee is responsible for utilizing budgeted Association funds to employ contractors on behalf of the Association to promote lake ecology and recreational enjoyment. The Committee responsibilities include:

1) Developing a long-range program for ecological preservation and enhancement.

2) Securing professional assistance where the Committee deems necessary to pursue the ecological goals of the Committee.

Environmental Committee Activities

  • Clinton River Cleanup–A group of volunteers have come together since 2013 to clean up the Clinton River and around the river. Each year we have collected up to 500 pounds of trash.  Volunteers brought their kayaks and went upstream and downstream.  We also had volunteers walking the riverbanks.  This happens in September of each year
  • Landing Blitz/Clean Boats–MLLA has worked with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy initiative to educate boaters at the boat launch to check for aquatic hitchhikers. Before launching and before leaving check everything on your boat for weeds to avoid taking your boat to another lake.  This is also important for kayaks.  Volunteers hand out information and educated boaters on the importance of this initiative.  
  • Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP)—Maceday Lotus Lakes Association has been participating in CLMP since 2015. Click here for additional information.