Purpose and Responsibilities of the Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee is one of the Maceday Lotus Lakes Association standing committees.  The Committee advises the MLLA Board of Directors on preserving and enhancing the ecological conditions of Maceday and Lotus Lakes. The Committee is responsible for utilizing budgeted Association funds to employ contractors on behalf of the Association to promote lake ecology and recreational enjoyment. The Committee responsibilities include:

1) Developing a long-range program for ecological preservation and enhancement.

2) Securing professional assistance where the Committee deems necessary to pursue the ecological goals of the Committee.

(from the Maceday Lotus Lakes Association By-Laws, updated 5-6-2014)

E.Coli at Beaches

You may have heard that one of our beaches was closed by Oakland County for a few days due to high levels of E.Coli.  Here is more information about E.Coli and our beaches.

Escherichia coli, or E. coli, is a bacteria found in the digestive systems of mammals and birds. The presence of E. coli in surface water is an indicator of pollution by feces. E. coli can be dangerous, but it also indicates the potential for other pathogens that can make people sick, such as giardia and cholera.  Sources of E. coli can include untreated human sewage, failing septic tanks, livestock agriculture, pets, wildlife, and illegal connections from home sewer systems to surface water.

In 2021, six of the beaches on our lakes were tested regularly. 

Harris Park (Marble Beach)

Lotus Park

Mountain View

Mountain View C.C. Subdivision

Whitfield-Maceday Association – North

Whitfield-Maceday Association – South (Boat Launch)

Monitoring of these beaches is voluntary and is conducted by Oakland County Health Departments. Owners of public bathing beaches must post a sign that states whether the bathing beach has been tested, and if so, the location of the test results.

Here is what EGLE (Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy) suggests doing to help: 

  • Clean up pet waste in your yard and dispose of it in the trash or by composting. Visit Michigan State University Extension (Msue.anr.msu.edu) for tips on proper composting.
  • If you have a septic system, get the tank pumped out by a licensed hauler about every 3 years. Ask them to do a cursory inspection while they are there. Visit Epa.gov/septic for more information.
  • Do not feed wildlife, including geese and seagulls in yards and beaches.

Concerned homeowners that swim at private beaches are encouraged to conduct their own bacteria sampling. The procedure is very easy and our laboratory only charges $12 for a sampling kit as long as:

  1. You are an Oakland County resident
  2. The source water to be tested is located within Oakland County, and
  3. The area to be sampled is a beach or intended for swimming. You may call our office and request a copy of our surface water sampling guidelines if you are interested.

More information at https://www.oakgov.com/health/services/environmental-health/Pages/beaches.aspx

Lake Quality Studies

The Maceday Lotus Lakes Association (MLLA) contracted for the first lake quality study just 4 years after the Association was incorporated.  Wallace E. Fusilier, Ph.D. of Water Quality Investigators performed the first water quality study in 1990 (see 1991 reports).  Follow-on studies were performed in 2000 and 2010 (see 1990-2000 reports). 

Restorative Lake Sciences was engaged to perform the 2015 lake quality study (see Maceday and Lotus Lake Study and Management Report 2015).

MLLA has participated in the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP) since 2015 (except 2020 when the CLMP did not have funding). The purpose of the CLMP is to help citizen volunteers monitor indicators of water quality in their lakes and document changes in lake quality.  The latest report (2019) is provided here.  The 2020 report will be available in the winter 2022.  See [link] for more information about the CLMP. 

  • Lake Quality Studies documents to be provided
    • Maceday Lake 1991 Report
    • Lotus Lake 1991 Report
    • Maceday Lake 1990-2010 Report
    • Lotus Lake 1990-2010 Report
    • Maceday and Lotus Lake Study and Management Report 2015
    • Cooperative Lake Management Program (CLMP) Maceday Lake 2019
    • Cooperative Lake Management Program (CLMP) Lotus Lake 2019

Lake Water Level

The water level of Maceday and Lotus Lakes is controlled by a water level control structure on Van Norman Lake.  The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner manages 54 lakes that have a legally established normal level.  This means there is a court order stating the normal level of the lake and designating the Water Resources Commissioner as the delegated authority to maintain the level.  Maceday and Lotus are grouped with Greens, Lester and Van Norman lakes (“Van Norman (WML)”).  There are three lake level control technicians who monitor the lake levels and perform the day-to-day operation of the structures.  More information as well as the weekly lake level reports can be found at https://www.oakgov.com/water/stormwater/lakes-watersheds