The Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program

Maceday Lotus Lakes Association has been participating in CLMP since 2015.

“The Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP), the second oldest volunteer lakes monitoring program in the country, has been an important component of Michigan’s inland lakes monitoring program for over 40 years. The primary purpose of the CLMP is to help citizen volunteers monitor the water quality of their lakes and document changes in lake quality over time. MiCorps staff provides training and support to volunteers.”

Every summer 2-3 volunteers collect samples and record measurements for 5 different water quality parameters.  The volunteers visit the deepest spot in Maceday and Lotus Lakes every 2 weeks to measure Secchi disk transparency and dissolved oxygen and temperature.  Once a month, samples are collected for Chlorophyll a.  At the beginning and end of the season water samples are collected to be analyzed for Total Phosphorus. 

In the middle of the summer, the aquatic plants in our lakes are investigated to look for invasive aquatic plants.  Maceday and Lotus Lakes already have Starry Stonewort and Eurasian Watermilfoil.  So far we have not identified any other invasive aquatic plants.

All the data and samples are submitted to the CLMP at the end of the season and a report for each of our lakes is made available in March of the following year.  The latest report is posted on this website.

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